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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Today is…

Today is…
Today is December 28.
Today was my accident.
Today was Wednesday.
Today is no different.
Today is no easier.
Today changed lives.
Today sometimes I forget.
Today is no harder.
Today is the same.
Today gets remembered.
Today made me stronger.
Today is just a day.
Today bothers some.
Today is a reminder.
Today I went hunting.
Today doesn't bother me.
Today I will never be the same.
Today will make me better.
Today will open eyes.
Today was 23 years ago.
Today will never be the same.
Today doesn't have to be sad.
Today my life was saved.
Today I am thankful.
Today I am still here.
Today can help others.
Today is December 28…

Nothing happens unless the day is seized. Don't look back on what you should have done. Trials in life are just that. If you get that second chance, grab it…

Thanks for reading, Clint

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