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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Thanks for the pickup and stuff

I can't explain to you how much I appreciate everything you have all done for me. The amount of support is truly overwhelming.

It is hard to explain what you all given me. The amount of independence and freedom the pickup is able to give me is unexplainable. I have been able to do some things with this vehicle in the short time I have had it that I have not been able to do in 23 years.

The biggest thing is sitting in the front seat. This might not seem like a big deal to most but sitting in the back of a van does not give you a very independent feeling. It is unbelievable how well I am able to see things driving through the country sitting up front and up high in a pickup. I have been able to see things the last couple months that I haven't been seeing to for a long time. Scouting deer and vermin has become a lot easier.

Another thing I've noticed is that I am waiving at everyone I see. I couldn't do that from the back of the shaggin wagon. So if you see a white 2017 GMC Sierra 2500HD SLE coming towards you, with an idiot waving on the passenger side. It's just me.

With this vehicle there really are no limitations on where I can go. I have made a list of roads that I want to travel and destinations that I want to reach that will be possible with this vehicle. That doesn't suck.

Having a new dependable vehicle with four-wheel drive does not suck either. I haven't gotten stuck with the pickup yet. But I plan on trying to and that is going to be fun. This fall, I was able to bring my deer in to the locker in the back of the pickup that I got with my crossbow. That might seem like a small thing but it was momentous for me.

The vehicle I had before was becoming not very reliable. I had missed a lot of events and was not able to go to many places because it was either broke down or I just did not trust it. With this new vehicle that is something I do not have to worry about anymore.

The wheelchair lift, modified batwing door and wheelchair locking device have all worked perfectly. It is an amazing piece of technology that should work for years to come.

Because of these reasons and more, I cannot thank you enough for what you of all done for me. You have given me more than financial support, you have given me a new outlook on life.

Thanks for reading, Clint Lindemann

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