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Saturday, March 14, 2015

My electric fishing reel, rod and mount.

 I believe this is where I bought the electric reel.
The rod holder is homemade.

My first crossbow, a Barnett Wildcat.

The butt stock, trigger guard and the forearm have been taken off the crossbow to make it lighter. The trigger has been elongated. Just stuffed an old aluminum arrow onto the trigger. Put some plastic inside the arrow shaft and heated it on to the trigger. Also made a handle on where the butt stock went. In the picture right below my chin. This is how I aim up and down, left and right. The crossbow is mounted on a window scope mount. The scope mount is mounted onto a homemade frame that is attached to my wheelchair. The tube that you see is a hands-free grunt tube.

My new crossbow, a Carbon Express Intercept.

This is the crossbow I purchased in 2013. I chose this crossbow after a year of researching hundreds of crossbows. I chose this one because it is the most adaptable. It was modeled after an AR. Everything is removable and can be upgraded. I took off the butt stock, the forearm grip and the pistol grip. There was also a quiver that was taken off. This crossbow is a slick shooting machine. The scope that came with it is also top-notch. It shoots around 365 ft./s. Last summer I was shooting at 75 yards very easily. I believe there were four more crosshairs below in the reticle at the one I was shooting with at 75 yards. I think I can shoot to 100 yards easily. Only at 3-D targets or paper though. I am also impressed with the Maxima Blue Streak arrows by Carbon Express. Below is a link for further information.