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Monday, September 28, 2015

2015 Twist of Fate Banquet & Hunt

Another successful year for the  Twist of Fate hunters and guides. They were able to fill eight of the 12 tags on some pretty nice whitetails. No matter how many are killed it is always a success. Here is a link for some pictures from this year with all of the hunters/guides with their whitetails.
Twist of Fate pictures 2015

Here are some pictures that I took during their fundraiser/banquet/meal on Saturday night. The silent and live auctions did well as usual. It is a great time for everyone involved. And you cannot beat the setting in the beautiful sandhills of North Dakota.

Here is a picture of the big tent during meal and live auction.

Dave, one of the guides that has been there since the beginning in 1998 when I first met him and myself after the banquet. #mossyoakprostaff

Took a picture as we were leaving the camp. That right there says it all…

Friday, September 25, 2015

2015 Hunt #1

I got out hunting for the first time this year earlier this week. A little later than normal. Had some complications from a surgery that sidelined me for a bit. But it felt good to get out. Good luck this Fall everybody…

Going down the green mile to one of my hunting spots. #mossyoakprostaff

Not a bad view.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Block Targets

Well I learned one thing yesterday while shooting Slick Trick broadheads at my new "Crossbow Block Target." It blows right through. Well almost all the way through. The broadhead just sticks out the other side. The "Crossbow Block" is rated for crossbows shooting up to 400 ft./s. My crossbow is shooting 365 ft./s. I imagine if I tried shooting my bullet points they would fly right through. I forgot to take picture while shooting. But here is an after shot. First pic is front side. Second picture you can see where broadhead went through.