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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Speaking & sharing about my life

A couple months ago I was approached to see if I wanted to speak about my life to some sixth-graders. After a little deliberation and practicing I decided to give it a go. I gave quite a few presentations while in college so it wasn't too big of a deal. But it is always a little nerve-racking get in front of people for any type of event. Especially when the subject matter is about your own life.
The presentation is everything about my life. I touch on a little bit of my life before my accident, talk about the accident and focus mostly on things I have accomplished after my accident.
The students seemed to really enjoy what I was talking about and had quite a few good questions after my presentation. I look forward to doing it again in a couple weeks and hopefully a lot more in the future.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Shotgunning a turkey…

Somehow I was lucky enough to draw a second choice, second unit turkey tag for the spring. That is very odd for the units I put in. Usually it takes two or three years to draw a tag in the units I selected. I have decided I am going after Mr. JellyHead the spring with a shotgun instead of my crossbow. Lucky enough for me, we have a Weatherby PA-08, 12gauge shotgun that has a big enough trigger guard that will allow my trigger mechanism to slide in and attach. I have tried a handful of other shot comes that might trigger did not fit in.

I would really like to get a semi auto shotgun. That would work best in my rifle/shotgun mount. Semi auto would be nice because it gets strapped down onto the mount. There would be no need to take the shotgun off to reload or pump after every shot. But all of the semi auto shotguns I have tried will not work with my trigger mechanism. But I haven't looked that hard and I am still on the search for the perfect shotgun.

This will be my fourth time going after the gobbler in the spring. I have yet to connect. Check that, I have actually hit one but he did not cooperate. Long story.

Here is a video of me shooting a shotgun for the first time with my gun mount. I shot once at cardboard and then once at a 13 striped ground squirrel. I think it is going to work well on turkeys…

Good luck in the woods the spring…