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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Thank you Nurses

The nurse patient relationship is unique. It can be a special bond. I don't know if it goes the same for the nurses but knowing enough of them, I assume the relationship means the same for them.

It is crazy what they'll do for a patient. The things they have to do, the things they choose to do, the things they want to do and the things they are obligated to do for a patient are way beyond what most people would do for another person. Some professions are more than a job. Being a nurse is one of them. It is a more of a calling than a job.

It's amazing what you will share with a nurse, someone you probably just met. It goes way beyond the physical stuff. It is more about the personal stuff. It's amazing what they will share with you. Sometimes I think patients become a sounding board. That is perfectly okay for what they have to put up with. I have gotten close to quite a few different nurses over the years. The conversations can get quite entertaining and sometimes eye-opening. The filters are pretty much off.

The amount of energy they put into every day taking care of their patients would be overwhelming for most. The amount of things they have to put up with would be way too much for most people. They put up with patients and their families at their worst. I can't believe what I have seen them put up with, especially from the families. And they do this every day, over and over again.

The stress dealing with patients would be hard to leave at work. It has to take a toll on their personal lives. Nurses give a lot of their personal time and a lot of their lives to helping others. The devotion to their careers is immeasurable.

I have so many examples of kindness, generosity and just pure friendship from this special relationship. There are too many examples to share in this post of the unselfishness they have shown me through the years wherever I have received their care. I could type forever.

I have the most respect for nurses and what they do. So thank a nurse next time you see one. Thanks for everything you have done for me. I am indebted to you.

Thanks for reading, Clint

PS: When I use the term nurse I mean that to encompass certified nursing assistants, nurses’ aides, etc.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

I got violated once, a bunch of times…

I can't believe I'm going to write about this and actually post it in a public place. But some of the stuff is just too good not to share. Some of you have witnessed stuff and things that have happened to me. Some of the randomness that happens to me is absolutely not normal. So sit back and enjoy.

I have kept names out of these stories to protect the not so innocent… Also, you'll notice there are no pictures. I will keep it that way. At least I hope there is no evidence out there…

This story is a classic. Some of you who are reading this could probably add some more details because you watched and laughed. But here's the gist. I was in a quaint little village not too far from Enderlin for an anniversary party. The family of the couple has been friends of ours forever. Anyway I was minding my own business talking to a table full of friends outside of the party when all of a sudden I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked to my right and the next thing I knew there was a face right in front of mine. She said, "I know who you are." I said, "I have no idea who you are." She said, "Let's get to know each other." Then all of a sudden I noticed her tongue down my throat. Good grief. The next thing I heard was someone yelling, "She is married!" I had absolutely no clue who she was. I didn't know if she was married, single or confused. Then someone pulled her away. Geesh. I swear it wasn't my fault.

Here is another doozy of a story. Steven and I decided to go to Lisbon one night. We prefer the Cattleman's, so that's where we headed. When we got into the bar there weren’t many people at all. We headed to the back and passed one table of older ladies. When we got to the back of the bar it was dark and we were the only ones back there. We decided to grab a table, have a couple cocktails and decide what was going to be our next option for the evening. I don't know if Steven saw her coming up behind me but I had no clue what was going on. All of a sudden this older lady has her face right in front of mine. Again, I have no clue who this lady is. She doesn't say a word. And you guessed it, the next thing I know is her tongue is down my throat. I backed away and she finally caught on. I don't remember the conversation after that but I do remember telling Steven, "Let's get the hell out of here!"

We decided to go to the F & L to reassess the situation that just unfolded. Things got neat there also. The older lady went there too. A new friend that I met that night was told the story about the older lady and her wondering appendages. This new friend could tell I was a little rattled/scared and we came up with the safeword "sailboat" to yell if it happened again. The older lady tried to violate me again and I forgot the safeword but I was able to evade her advances without any repercussions, except for the nightmares.

We then hightailed it home. I almost technicolor yawned all over the shaggin wagon on the way home reminiscing about the evenings events. Geesh… Good times.

I have been violated once at O'Kelly's, many times. This isn't why this used to be my favorite stop in Fargo. The owner, employees and Pepsi products were the reasons I kept coming back. FYI, Morgan Pepsi is a lot better than Morgan Coke. There are just too many stories that happened there to try and condense into a story. O'Kelly's, where everybody knows my name… Or did.

I have been to Woody's once in my life. That one time was entertaining to say the least. I met a bunch of buddies there just for a get together. There were probably 10 of us. Per usual the cocktails were flowing and one thing led to another. One of my friends wanted to go for a ride on the back of my chair. So he hopped on back and I pushed my way through the crowded bar. I wasn't making any headway so we came up with a plan. We decided to make a racetrack around the bar by pushing people and tables out of our way. After a couple hot laps we were asked to stop. Thankfully we were not asked to leave, yet.

Being the fine respectable people that we are we obliged and decided to relax for a bit and have some cocktails. During this time there was a lady eyeballing my buddy. So I went over to her and asked her what was up. She wanted his name. I told her he was happily involved with his girlfriend. She then asked what my name was, with a proposition. Any who, about that time her husband came into the bar looking for her. He was not happy. I talked him out of beating one of us up. They left. So we went back to the racetrack. Then I was asked to leave.

There are a bunch more stories from throughout the territory. The Fargo VFW, O'Leary's, Hooligans, Lonesome Dove, Dempsey's, Bismarck Tavern, The Empire… Oh the memories… But I have to save something for myself and the innocent bystanders.

In a lot of these stories the husband or significant other wasn't too impressed with me. But I always figure I am not the one that is happily married. It isn't my fault their wife/girlfriend is morally relaxed…

Thanks for reading, Clint

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Why me?

It is hard not to ask, "Why me?" But it doesn't do any good. Of course I look back and think how my life could be different. I think everyone does that. But being different doesn't mean it would be better. No one can ever know that. Some people just dwell on the bad things. Your life is going to suck doing that.

This is what I think when I ask myself, "Why me?" It might sound weird for me to say but I don't think my accident could have happened to anyone more suited or prepared to deal with it. I am not tooting my own horn. I believe that to be the truth. The main reason I believe this is because of the support that I get day in and day out. It is truly overwhelming. If I need anything, all I need to do is contact one of my family members or friends. My family and friends are truly the best. They don't suck.

Instead of asking, "Why me?" You should try asking, "Why not me?" Crap happens to everybody. It is how you deal with it that makes it worse or not. Depends on your perspective.

I am not a big believer in that karma crap or things happen for a reason theory. My theory is, "Shit Happens, deal with it!"

That might sound a little simplistic but life really is simple. Your life might suck sometimes but it isn't going to suck forever. The sooner you realize that the less it will suck.

Thanks for reading, Clint

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Being Positive and stuff

First off, I do not take happy pills. Not that there's anything wrong with that but that is not why I am usually in a good mood. I have had people assume that I take drugs because I am positive and happy. I guess I was just born that way.

I cannot stand people who feel sorry for me. There are a lot more people way worse off than I am. Of course there are days I feel sorry for myself. And those are days I do not like. Feeling sorry for yourself is the worst possible attitude you can have. It gets you nowhere. The only thing you attract is more pity. I have seen enough stuff in my life and been through enough stuff in my life to know what works and what doesn't. Negativity and self-loathing never works. Just remember, your worst day is probably someone's best day…

Like I said before being positive isn't always easy. I know some people that wake up in the morning and must think to themselves, "What am I going to be pissed about today?" That has to be a crappy way to go through life. Take a look around, I bet you know a couple of these people. I am not trying to say that every day is balloons and lollipops for me but every day isn't the end of the world either. Some days I wake up and think how in the hell do I do it. But then I kick myself in my ass and trudge forward.

It might seem like I have all my stuff together but some days holy shinto… I don't have those holy shinto days very often but when I do it sucks. When I do have one of those days it is usually because I cannot do something I want to do. It usually has to do with something physical that is impossible for me to do. These things usually don't bother me but like I said some days suck.

One thing that really gets me down some days is when I cannot help people way I want to. Especially when I have friends in need who could use help doing a project, building something, repairing something or help with something that requires muscle. I used to be good at that stuff. I also enjoyed doing it.

Another thing that helps being positive is just knowing some people. Sometimes just knowing a particular person makes you want to raise the bar higher. Knowing them makes you happy and positive. You know who you are…

(Took this pic on the way to McLeod. Got home at 4:30 AM. Good times.)

If there is one thing I cannot stand, it is when people complain about mundane and tedious stuff. Next time you complain about doing something dull like cleaning the house or doing a chore, remember there are people out there that would love to be able to do some of your monotonous stuff.

I did not write this to make people feel sorry for me. I did not write this to have a pity party. If that is what you took out of this, you did it wrong.

Thanks for reading, Clint

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Poaching, Trespassing & Littering

As outdoorsmen we all need to do our part to make sure our hunting, fishing and trapping heritage will be continued for generations to come. That means we all have a responsibility to ourselves and future generations to uphold and follow laws, rules and regulations set forth by our game and fish departments. Whichever state or country we are in. Most of these laws, rules and regulations are self-explanatory and pretty much just common sense. But common sense isn't so common anymore.

One thing I have never understood is poaching. Evidently some people get a thrill out of killing something just to kill it. Just typing that makes me cringe. Every year there seems to be cases of poaching throughout our area. When just one of these cases makes headlines it puts a negative spotlight on the hunting community. I am not saying they shouldn't make headlines but I am saying it should put a negative spotlight on criminals, not the hunting community. There is a difference.

Hunters and outdoorsmen give back billions of dollars each year from the tags, permits, licenses, guns and ammunition they purchase that goes directly into protecting and regulating wildlife and public lands. They also give back in the many outdoor clubs and wildlife groups they are members of that give back to the wildlife and communities in which we live. But each time a poaching story hits the news, all of the good publicity we do get goes right down the drain. It gives the anti-hunters ammunition to spew their misinformation throughout the media.

Hunters and poachers should not be used in the same breath. It gives a black eye to the hunting community when media outlets say something like, "Hunters were caught shooting deer illegally." It should say, "Poachers were caught shooting deer illegally." Hunters are not poachers and poachers are not hunters. Hunters are outdoorsmen who care about the game they chase. Poachers are criminals who don't care about anything but themselves.

The definition of poaching: Poaching is the unlawful or illegal taking of wild plants or animals, such as through hunting, harvesting, fishing, or trapping. The law concerned may be a law of property, of regulation, or of local or international conservation and wildlife management.

We need to start policing ourselves. The easiest way to do that is to report any violations that we may see when we are in the field. RAP (Report All Poachers) is the program that the North Dakota Game & Fish uses. Each state has their own program for collecting information on poaching. The RAP program is completely anonymous. So there is no reason not to call. Everyone should have these numbers in their cell phone. These numbers are also on your hunting and fishing licenses.

(Numbers for North Dakota.)

Another thing people get confused about hunters is "Trophy Hunting." People hear the term trophy hunting and they think hunters are just out for something to hang on their wall. People think hunters take the head and leave everything else. When media use the term trophy hunting it gets everyone up in arms and gets the anti-hunters something to bitch about that day.

Trophy hunting to me and to most hunters is taking the oldest, biggest and wisest male animal of that species out of a group of animals. Taking the oldest and the biggest does not hurt the species at all. They are usually past their prime for breeding. These trophy animals are on the downhill in the lifecycle.

I myself do not consider myself a trophy hunter. Just because of the negative connotations it brings up. But I would definitely be a trophy hunter if I had the opportunity to shoot a trophy. I am a little too trigger-happy when it comes to waiting for trophy. I like to fill the freezer. I am a trophy hunter until the snow gets too deep or the temperatures get too low. I guess I am a fair weather trophy hunter.

Littering on public and private land has really gotten to be a problem. It seems you cannot go anywhere without seeing some type of trash. It is really noticeable in the spring of the year when the vegetation has started to grow. There is no excuse for littering. I know a lot of hunters and fishermen who have started bringing garbage bags along just to pick up after other people. This shouldn't be necessary. Please take out what you bring in.

I hear a lot of hunters complain that the landowners are posting up "their" hunting spots. First of all, it is the landowners right to post their land, they have the right to do whatever they want with it. Second of all, with how some hunters treat and disrespect other people's land and property, I can totally understand why landowners are posting up their property. How would you like it if someone came into town and walked around your yard without asking and left garbage strewn around? I bet you would call the cops.

Another thing I hear from hunters is that they still hunt land that is posted because they believe that the landowners did not properly follow the rules for posting land. This is just crazy to me. I can't imagine the amount of arrogance and gall it takes to have this kind of thinking. If you have a no trespassing sign in town, that is all that needs to be done. People know that they are not wanted on this specific piece of property. But some hunters believe that if a no hunting sign isn't properly signed and dated, it is still legally open to hunting because of a technicality. If you believe this, you'd be wrong. I have been told by game wardens that the law is on the side of the landowner, and it should be.

(This sign is legal in the court system.)

I hear a lot of different things every year about no hunting signs. People believe a lot of different things about them. If you don't know, read the regulations for your state. Every state is different of what they require on no hunting signs. Notice it does not say it needs to be dated or there needs to be a phone number. Some states do require this but not North Dakota. Just because the sign has a place for this information does not mean that it is required. Here's what it says in the North Dakota proclamation about posting land.

Because of the above reasons I don't blame landowners for posting their land. So it is up to us as sportsmen to abide by the laws and regulations, report poaching and pick up after ourselves to keep land open. It isn't that hard.

Thanks for reading, Clint