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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Before, now and after stuff

There are always going to be what ifs. But there is only one what if I know that is true. That is this. What if I wasn't a quadriplegic? The answer to that is I would not have gotten to know a lot of awesome people. The amount of support I get from my friends, family and strangers is unbelievably overwhelming.

The amount of people I have met just because I have been in this condition would be hard to count. The amount of these people that I have met that have become true friends is awesome. The amount of these people that I have met that have become people that I can rely on is awesome. The amount of these people that I have met that have become people that I can confide in has been life changing.

These people have come from every type of background and community you can think of. The medical field, hunting community, Facebook friends, blog followers, hunting forum friends and countless others have supported me through thick and thin, no matter what is going on and I don't even have to ask for the help.

You know who you are. If you're reading this, there is a good chance you are one of these people.

I have been through a lot of good and bad this year. This year by far has been my most trying. But one of my new friends told me, "It may not seem like a small challenge but it truly is a small challenge compared to the challenges you have faced and overcome." It's words like this that lift my spirits and keep me going.

I have missed a lot this year dealing with some medical stuff. I have missed a lot of events. I have missed wedding receptions, bonfires, baseball games, wildlife club stuff, hunting, shenanigans and many other occasions that are tough to miss. Living the life I have lived over the last few years has finally caught up to me. I'm going to have to learn not to abuse my body and take care of it a little bit more. I need to be user-friendly. That is going to be hard for me to do. I am not used to sitting around and doing nothing. Or at least take it easy a little bit more in between outings. It is to be hard not getting in the chair and going when I want.

It's amazing how much better I feel when I am in the wheelchair. It totally changes my perspective. I have really learned that over these last 11 plus months. I don't even have to do anything. Just to get out of bed, out of the house and out of this room is so relieving. I imagine most wouldn't understand. I used to miss not being able to run around and being able bodied. Now I look forward to time in the chair. That to me is crazy. Hell, I look forward to time out of bed.

When I get all healed up and my body lets me do what I want, I am going to make the rounds visiting my friends around the state. This is fair warning. It's going to be a hell of a party… It's not going to suck!

Thanks for reading, Clint.