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Thursday, September 28, 2017

It's easy to take a stand when there is no sacrifice.

When I see someone not standing during the national anthem during a national football game or sporting event, I do not watch. I know this probably doesn't do anything in the big picture but it makes me feel better. When I first saw this last year during NFL games, it made me physically sick.

I bet if they didn't show the protesting on TV they wouldn't be disrespecting the flag. I believe they are just attention seekers. I wonder how many of these protesters are actually doing things in their communities to help the reason they are protesting.

It's their freedom to do so but the reason they have that freedom is because of what people have done for the flag. People have the right to express their points of view anyway they want. Just because I don't agree with them doesn't make them wrong and just because I don't agree with them doesn't make me right. That is what is great about this country. That's why I choose to stand, if I could.

It truly bothers me that I cannot stand during the national anthem. I have a physical excuse and it bothers me. Knowing this makes my blood boil even more when I see someone not standing during the anthem.

If the protesters think they are courageous or people admire them for doing it, they should put on a military uniform and serve four years for some perspective.

It annoys me when I see people talking or not paying attention during the anthem. I get teared up when someone sings national anthem very well. When I see someone disrespecting the flag it makes my stomach turn. It upsets me when I see a flag not been cared for in the correct manner. It disappoints me when people are cheering and yelping during the end of the anthem.

I am probably in the minority. Maybe I'm just getting old. But that is me.

Thanks for reading, Clint

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