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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Weather Modification Letter to Editor

When I wrote this letter to the editor about weather modification I had no idea what it would start. The number of responses and comments on social media were, and are mind-boggling. I haven't really kept track because there is too much to keep track of but the amount of shares on Facebook were unexpected. 

I have also learned not to read the comments or get involved in any discussion on social media. No one has ever changed someone's mind or persuaded someone because of an argument on Facebook. But one good thing social media does do, it gets the word out.

The links below are what started the hoopla. Check out the number of shares in each below.

I swear to you that I am not a tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist. I believe we landed on the moon, I don't believe in aliens and there was only one shooter on the grassy knoll. I knew when I wrote this and submitted it that people would question my intellect and would think that I am cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. But if they would read the facts and talk to people who actually experience weather mods they would have the same opinion as I. Or at least question the project.

Evidently Mike McFeely, a reporter for the Fargo Forum was one of them that thought I was a little off the wall. But his mind was changed when other articles around the state were written about the same subject. Follow the links below:

Below is an article published on the KX News website. There are a lot of good quotes in this article from Ward County farmer Roger Neshem.  

Here are a couple recordings I have taken from the North Dakota State Water Commission radar. If you look close you can see the squiggly colored lines indicating the airplanes that are seeding the storms and then you can see the storms split and weaken.

I don't know what will happen but all I want to happen is change. We need to let nature decide when, where and how much precipitation will fall in a given area. We have done enough to this planet without changing weather patterns.

Below are a couple more articles from Ward County.

But they were unsuccessful.

Supporters of weather modification say that without their altering of the precipitation in Western North Dakota that the drought would be worse. The problem is there is no way we could possibly know that because they have been altering the weather for almost 40 years. Nobody knows what normally is anymore.

Thanks for reading, Clint

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