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Friday, May 20, 2016

Food Plot

Did not fill my Turkey tag. I think I was out five or six times. The last day I had toms all around me. It was an entertaining day. Anyway this spring I decided to plant a food plot. I decided to go with Mossy Oak Biologic Non-Typical Clover. It is a perennial. I decided to go with clover because the farmstead where I usually hunt is surrounded by corn and soybeans this year. Hopefully this clover will get in the deer's attention and keep it through the hunting season. I might try to plant some fall blend later. Had my brother-in-law rototill up a little spot. The soil looked good but we did it another time a week later just to loosen it up a little more. There was a lot of moisture in the soil. Followed the directions for planting and hopefully we get some good timely rains to get it started and keep growing throughout the summer. Also decided to plant a package of pumpkin seed. If they grow they grow, if they don't and I am out $1.89.

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