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Monday, February 6, 2017

Rant about Protesters and Stuff…

Disclaimer: This rant morphed into a little more than I anticipated.

I am not against protests. But when protesters start vandalizing and trespassing, it no longer is a protest. That is a riot. Everyone has the right to protest. I don't believe the majority of law-abiding citizens are against any protests. Citizens get upset when the protesters take things too far and start vandalizing and trespassing on innocent people's property.

Over the last year there have been protests about pretty much everything including the pipeline protest near Cannonball, North Dakota, etc. For some reason, protesters think they need to take things to the extreme to get their point across. Peaceful protests are becoming a thing of the past. When groups get together they start to get that mob mentality. All it takes is one douche canoe with a lighter to instigate others into the Stone Age.

Another thing that protesters or anyone with a different idea bring up is the race card. If you think these things are about race, that is your problem. If that is your only argument, your argument isn't very strong.

I know a handful of national guardsmen and police force that were involved in the protests. They all say the same thing as Sheriff Laney. They all mentioned how disrespectful the protesters were to the people trying to keep the peace and how disrespectful the protesters were to the environment they were there to supposedly protect. Let's get this straight, the military and police were not on one side. They were there to do a job. To keep it peaceful. From what I have read and learned, they did that job to the best of their ability. I can't imagine how hard it would be to stand there and take the onslaught of negativity and just take it without any retaliation. But that is why I commend them for the job they do.

 I only know a couple people that were there on the side of the protesters and were at the protest site. They have been shockingly silent. That was sarcasm.

I will back the blue pretty much 100% of the time. We all know there are bad people in every walk of life. That includes cops. But the benefit of the doubt from my end is on the side of the blue. Here is Sheriff Paul Laney's side of the story in the link below.

Not all of the protesters are gone and not all of the protesters are sitting on their hands. As stated in the article below some are helping out with the cleanup. But, I wonder where Susan Sarandon, Jesse Jackson, Jane Fonda etc. are now during the cleanup. If they were so concerned with the environment they should be there now. I would like to give them a pitchfork with a broken handle, a scoop shovel with a hole in it and have them stay there until everything is cleaned up. 

I commend the protesters that are helping clean up. I am assuming the protesters that are still there are not the "Paid" protesters. I imagine that the paid protesters are on to their next propaganda filled agenda to fill their wallets.
The links below talk about the cleanup.

The link below is from Tomi Lahren. She is a little outspoken, to put it lightly. But sometimes she hits the nail on the head.

My stomach literally rolled when I saw the video of the protesters harassing and killing the deer that was swimming across the Cannonball River near the protest site. Just another example of how some of the protesters had no respect for the land including wildlife. Another assumption on my part but I bet none of the protesters that took part in this wildlife harassment had any hunting background. Hell, you don't need hunting background to have respect. This is just blatant disregard for wildlife. The link below provides info on the incident and video.

There has also been violence and disregard for other people's property that includes killing of livestock. There have been numerous attacks on livestock throughout Morton and Sioux Counties. These killings have not been linked directly to the protests, yet. But shockingly they started and took place directly around the protest site. Follow the link below for more information on the livestock killings.

Some people will say that being a hunter like I am, is disrespecting the land and animals. I would like to point out that outdoorsmen contribute billions each year to help protect the environment and regulate wildlife. The majority of the money from licenses and permits that hunters purchase go directly back to protect the wildlife and land hunters cherish.

I would also like to point out that the majority of hunters belong to local wildlife and national wildlife groups that help them protect our hunting heritage. I myself belong to three local wildlife groups and at least three national wildlife groups. I can never keep track. I wonder how much money the protesters put back into their cause…

Another thing that blows my mind about a lot of the protests is the misinformation spewed on social media. Anyone with an agenda can click share and get their message out whether it is true or not. They like to use buzzwords that catch people's attention.

Over the last couple weeks there has been a lot in the media about "Fake News." If people are just realizing that news outlets have their own agendas and produce fake news, we are in a lot of trouble as a society. The main reason for fake news is money. Media companies are like any other company, they will do anything to make a dollar. So choose the information wisely which you choose to consume. Read both sides. It isn't easy to find reliable sources but it is possible.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

Yours truly, Clint Lindemann

Sidebar: After reading this, some of you will jump to conclusions and point the finger saying I must be a Republican. My answer to that is, "I am an American." I don't consider myself in any political bracket. That is for another rant.

The North Dakota Game & Fish have filed charges against the peaceful protesters who drowned the deer near the cannonball protest site. Information link below.


  1. This is well said...and in my opinion reflects the majority of Americans opinions as well