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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Switching Broadheads?

Okay I have some questions about broadheads. I know this is like Chevy vs. Ford, but here it goes. First of all I shoot a Carbon Express Intercept crossbow which flings 380 grain arrows out at around 365 ft./s. I have been shooting Slick Trick Standards the last three years. In the last three years I have shot three deer with good shots. Two of the deer I had to track for a long time and recovered them. The third deer we tracked for a while and it survived. Saw him later in the season. So I am looking to make a change from the standards. The Slick Trick standards shot exactly like my field points. No lie. So it is hard to go away from them but I want quicker, cleaner kills.

A lot of companies are making broadheads specifically designed for crossbows? Are these broadheads really that much different and are they necessary?

What is a good cutting diameter that still flies true? I guess that is different for every crossbow/arrow.

What is better, a one-piece broadhead or one that needs assembling?

Three blade or four blade?

Here are the brands that I have been looking at making the switch to.
G5 Striker 100 grain, three blade crossbow, 1 1/8 inch cut
G5 Montec 100 grain, one-piece, three blade crossbow, 1 1/8 inch cut
Muzzy 100 grain, three blade crossbow, 1 3/16 inch cut
Muzzy Trocar crossbow 100 grain, three blade, 1 3/16 inch cut
Slick Trick Magnums 100 grain, four blade, 1 1/8 inch cut

Any opinions? Or do you have any other suggestions on other brands I can try?

Thanks for your time, Clint.

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