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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

We are our own worst enemies.

Please take the time to read this article. He hits the nail on the head. Below is an excerpt, follow the link for the entirety:

"As hunters we face a brave new world each and every year as we ward off various threats to our lifestyle and the wildlife we love to pursue. Habitat loss due to urban sprawl and the ever increasing demands on our natural resources, environmentalists and anti-hunters lobbying against us at the local, regional and National level and the near viral expansion of technology and its effect on our youth and their interest in the natural world around them all pose a significant threat to the future of hunting.

Yet I would argue these threats are not our primary concern. No, it is the “cannibalism” within our own ranks that will be our ruin. The infighting between hunters around the world over topics such as “trophy” hunting, long range hunting, and high fence hunting to name a few and their ethical and conservation implications will be the demise of hunting and hunting opportunities if we do not take action on a personal level first. It is our personal responsibility to educate ourselves on the facts and science behind some of these contentious topics and apply reason and logic to the discussion before forming strong opinions. Emotions have no place at the table, and it is only emotions that will allow us to be divided and conquered."

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