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Friday, April 24, 2015

Hands-free, easy to use grunt call.

One of the most useful and easy-to-use products I have found that works is this grunt call. It is totally hands-free once it is hooked up. It is not only for disabled hunters but able-bodied hunters would also find it useful. I have it mounted on both of my crossbows so that the tube is within reach of my mouth. Another good thing about it is does not freeze. I have hunted in 0°F temperatures with no problems of it freezing up. I have had it hooked up to my clothing, which worked. But I really like it hooked up to my weapon of choice. It is designed to attach to your sleeve and the tube is long enough that it will reach your mouth. It attaches using a safety pin thingamajig. It is easily attached and unattached. There are four different sounds you can use fawn, doe, buck and dominant buck. The tube also has a flexible extender if you need to make a call louder. I have called in numerous deer with his call through the years. I highly recommend it.

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