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Saturday, March 14, 2015

My new crossbow, a Carbon Express Intercept.

This is the crossbow I purchased in 2013. I chose this crossbow after a year of researching hundreds of crossbows. I chose this one because it is the most adaptable. It was modeled after an AR. Everything is removable and can be upgraded. I took off the butt stock, the forearm grip and the pistol grip. There was also a quiver that was taken off. This crossbow is a slick shooting machine. The scope that came with it is also top-notch. It shoots around 365 ft./s. Last summer I was shooting at 75 yards very easily. I believe there were four more crosshairs below in the reticle at the one I was shooting with at 75 yards. I think I can shoot to 100 yards easily. Only at 3-D targets or paper though. I am also impressed with the Maxima Blue Streak arrows by Carbon Express. Below is a link for further information.

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